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General location:

The competition is based in San Juan de la Maguana. San Juan is a major city, located in a beautiful valley in the southwest of the Dominican Republic, with Cordillera Central to the north and Sierra de Neyba to the south. The city is over 60 km inland and is about 3 hours west of Santo Domingo, the capital city.

The whole area is protected from the trade winds that blow east, and the local aerology creates the best free flying environment in the country.



Vallejuelo is a valley located between Sierra de Neyba and Cordillera Central; the name means 'little valley'. The valley is around 900 m ASL in front of takeoff, and as well as Sierra de Neyba, runs east to west.

Takeoff faces south and is on top of a shallow ridge that separates Vallejuelo from Valle de San Juan to the north, at 1300 m ASL.

The valley breeze blows east and starts feeding the ridge as early as 10:30 AM.

The flying is done around the valley with a broad usable area both to the east and to the west.

The flow of a perpendicular valley connecting Vallejuelo to Valle de San Juan contributes to the production of convergence lift in the main valley and cloud streets form readily, showing the path to follow to get to Sierra de Neyba.

The 10 km valley crossing is awesome and the flight continues on the north face of the range in front of takeoff.

Sierra de Neyba is over 2400 m at the highest part and goes quite deep into the neighboring country of Haiti.

Right before the border is a town called Hondo Valle, meaning 'deep valley'.

Vallejuelo, the main site for the Ozone Caribbean XC Challenge.

Vallejuelo's south takeoff.

There is a main road connecting San Juan to Hondo Valle through Vallejuelo, and it is the main retrieve road for this site.

Flying conditions are good, with healthy thermals and mild valley breezes.

A good day shows +4 or +5 thermals, with cloudbase around 2700 m ASL.

Sierra de Neyba in the background.
San Juan:

Takeoff in San Juan is situated on top of a long ridge on the south face of the Cordillera Central, on the north side of the valley. The valley floor is around 500 m ASL while takeoff is at 950 m ASL.

Panorama from San Juan's takeoff, the second site for the Ozone Caribbean XC Challenge.
The Cordillera Central runs southeast to northwest and extends from Santo Domingo to the western coast of Haiti. It’s formed by many massifs, covering over 200 linear km with three peaks over 3000 m. This range is the biggest deflector of the trade winds and is responsible for the formation of multiple microclimates both on its upwind and downwind sides.

XC flight over the mountains in the Cordillera Central.
The southwestern valleys are blessed with outstanding flying conditions during the northern winter: cloudbases over 2700 m high, nice wide thermals and predictable valley breezes. Valle de San Juan is a 20 km wide valley that runs east to west from the Azuan plains to the Caribbean coasts of Port-au-Prince in Haiti.

The flying potential is huge! Either over the mountains or across the valley, many routes have been flown over the last few years, and we are sure many more are to be unveiled during the Ozone Caribbean XC Challenge!

San Juan holds two of the current paragliding distance records: a 70 km out and return over the mountains in the Cordillera Central, and a 55 km FAI triangle with two legs over the valley. San Juan is also the site with the highest altitude registered for a paraglider in flight: 3280 m ASL, 100 m higher than the highest mountain, Pico Duarte (3179 m).


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